We are Memory Makers by providing fun, excitement and lasting memories at an affordable price. We believe in doing everything with Passion and Stewardship. – Chattanooga Photo Booth Co.
What is Chattanooga photo booth company

What is ChattBooth?

Everyone enjoys a photo booth once that first picture is taken. Photo booths have a way of bringing people close together to enjoy rare moments of approved ridiculousness and awesome photo keepsakes. At the Chattanooga Photo Booth Co., we use state of the art software, professional lighting and a DSLR camera to take radiant, professional pictures.

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custom photo booth in Chattanooga

Custom Photo Booths

We will work with you to customize your photo booth rental to fit your needs. Need a special background, different props, a specific logo or you would like to add social media to the package, we can do it. Here at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co., we want your event or business to stand out from the rest and we will work hard to customize whatever you need, exactly how you want it.

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Unlimited photobooth prints

Why ChattBooth?

We, at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co., have taken it upon ourselves to create an exciting, modern, retro photo booth rental. All rentals include an actual photo booth that can be closed or open to suit your needs. Our photo booth in Chattanooga is retro in style and can be customized to fit any event, from weddings, to prom, to corporate events or Spring break on the beach. We are memory makers, where each photo taken is a time to savor and compliments every different personality from mild mannered to the life of the party.

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Meet Our Team

Chattanooga photo booth - Moises and Lauren



Moises believes in having vision in order to do something with passion and passion requires hard work in order to make your vision a reality.



Lauren wanted a photo booth for her wedding, but because of hard times, she was not able to afford one. Her goal is to be able to provide to those brides like she was a photo booth at an affordable price.

For more information or to reserve a photo booth for your next event, fill out our online form or call us at (956) 459-8611.