Custom Chattanooga Photo Booth

Your Vision + Our Creativity = ChattBooth

Do you have different ideas that are not listed? Let us know! We will work with you to customize your photo booth rental to fit your needs. Need a special background, different props, a specific logo or you would like to add social media to the package, we can do it. Here at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co., we want your event or business to stand out from the rest and we will work hard to customize whatever you need, exactly how you want it.

Photo Booth Setup Chattanooga

Any Size Photo Booth

Our photo booth can take many forms. It can be a closed or open photo booth. It can fill up a small space to a bigger space.  Our photo booth rental can accommodate any size party and can be customized to fit your décor.

photo booth backdrops and scenes

Backdrops & Scenes

We have the classic solid color backdrops.  If you have something different in mind, as the saying goes, “The world is your oyster.” The backdrops are customizable for your event.  The backdrops can be multicolor, have flowers, balloons, rustic, a beach scene etc. There are a multitude of customizable backdrops for you to choose from or to create your own.

photo booth options

Photo Options

Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. would love for you to stretch are creative genius.  Have a different idea than the standard 3 frame picture? We can mold your pictures into just about any way you want.  You want a frame, people looking like they are sitting in a limo or winning the lottery? It can be done with every photo booth rental.

photo layout photo booth

Custom Logo & Frame

With every photo booth rental comes a custom logo on the bottom of each print.  We will design a logo specifically for your event with the pertinent information you request.  Do you already have a design in mind or one you created yourself? Done! We at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. know how important every detail of your event is and we are here to help you customize a memorable photo booth.

share photobooth


Social media has become such an asset in connecting with friends, family and customers from around the world.  Here at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. we strive to continue that connection through offering social media sharing with your photo booth rental.

long term photo booth rentals

Long Term Activations

Besides doing weddings, parties, business events etc. that are for a few hours on one specific day, we can also do long term activation. Need a photo booth rental for a weekend, a week, or a few months? We will be more than happy to work with you on your endeavor.

For more information or to reserve a photo booth for your next event, fill out our online form or call us at (956) 459-8611.