Harley Davidson

Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. loves to entertain at parties and mix things up a bit from the regular photo booth service.  We ask ourselves before each event: who is our client? In this case, it was Harley Davidson. Who are the guests? Bikers! What would they like in regards to the photo booth service? What would make them elated? Photo booth pictures with their bikes, plus Harley Davidson signage.

Voila! It was a hit.  The bikers loved being able to drive their bikes into the tent and take a picture with a Harley Davidson background inserted through green screen.  Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. is here to help make your party come alive and entertain your guests.  We want your photo booth rental experience to be something you remember and tell stories about for years to come.  We will go above and beyond to make your photo booth rental an experience no one will forget.


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