Weston Wamp: Get Out the Vote Rally & BBQ

A photo booth rental is a great resource to entertain potential clients, to gain attention from potential customers, or even a way to attract potential voters and promote your campaign on social media.

This past Saturday morning, Chattanooga Photo Booth Company was invited to “Get Out the Vote Rally & BBQ,” which was sponsored by Weston Wamp for his campaign for Congress.  Constituents were excited, not only to get their picture taken and have a Weston Wamp campaign keepsake, but more importantly they were excited to have the ability to promote his campaign through social media by posting their pictures on Facebook and Twitter.  There has never been so much enthusiasm to post pictures on social media, than there was at this bbq.

A photo booth rental from Chattanooga Photo Booth Company is a great tool to promote your business, charity, campaign etc.  Not only do people receive a memorable keepsake to take home with your advertisement on it, but then your advertisement is also posted to social media.  An event that reaches 200 people then becomes an event that reaches 1000’s.


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