Why Chattanooga Photo Booth

We are Memory Makers by providing fun, excitement and lasting memories at an affordable price. We believe in doing everything with Passion and Stewardship. – Chattanooga Photo Booth Co.

real photo booth in Chattanooga

An Actual Photo Booth

We, at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co., have taken it upon ourselves to create an exciting, modern, retro photo booth rental. All rentals include an actual photo booth that can be closed or open to suit your needs. Our photo booth in Chattanooga is retro in style and can be customized to fit any event, from weddings, to prom, to corporate events or Spring break on the beach. We are memory makers, where each photo taken is a time to savor and compliments every different personality from mild mannered to the life of the party.

Chattanooga photobooth props

Lively Props

Each photo booth rental includes an array of imaginative silly, yet super classy props that make the photo booth that much more exciting. Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. has many props ranging from mustaches, sunglasses, masks, various hats and even a pair of Minnie and Mickey wedding Disney ears. If you have different prop ideas or want no props at all, let us know. We are here to customize your photo booth in Chattanooga to your wants and needs.

Unlimited photobooth prints

Unlimited Prints

It is what it is. Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. offers unlimited prints with each photo booth rental. Whether you like double prints with three pictures on each, a 4 by 6 with three pictures or just one picture, it all includes unlimited prints. Our process is short and sweet that includes ultimate fun and lots of prints. Our photo booth rental in Chattanooga allows for duplicate prints for groups of more than two.

custom photo booth layout

Custom Logo

With every photo booth rental comes a custom logo on the bottom of each print. We will design a logo specifically for your event with the pertinent information you request. Do you already have a design in mind or one you created yourself? Done! We at Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. know how important every detail of your event is and we are here to help you customize a memorable photo booth.

Online gallery photo booth

Online Gallery

The Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. will ensure the fun continues throughout the years by providing a CD with all the prints for you to enjoy wherever you are. Also, all the prints will be available online for your friends and family to view, share and download. As always, you have control over what pictures show up online.

photo booth attendants


Each photo booth rental includes a professional attendant at all times. They are trained to provide a fun and safe environment, while trouble shooting any problems that may arise. The Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. attendant will assist with encouraging people to get involved so that a multitude of pictures can be taken.

wedding photo booth


Here at the Photo Booth Co. in Chattanooga we are connoisseur’s of photo booth rentals. We are imaginative, professional, relatable and full of fun ideas for your wedding, whether it is simple to elegant or rustic to wild. We will mold our photo both rental into your dream wedding. You want our photo booth and all the props just as they are? Great! You want to customize the props and background? Great! We are here to make the entire process simple and enjoyable so your memorable moments will be a great success. Our wedding photo booth rentals include a real photo booth, lively props, unlimited prints, custom logo, online gallery, snap video, scrapbook and a professional attendant.

special event photo booths

Special Events

Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. loves parties and connecting with people. We do more than just weddings. Whatever event you have in mind, we can be there to make it memorable for years to come. We enjoy helping you “make memories” at houseparties, graduations, homecoming and prom, a wide range of festivals, expos and everything in between. Just let us know your needs with your photo booth rental and we will work with you to make your special event a success.

corporate photo booth


Any size business, Chattanooga Photo Booth Co. has what you need: from exciting parties, fun customizable advertisements, to networking events we got it. Our photo booth rental in Chattanooga can go wherever you need. Add some fun to your business with a photo booth that is sure to please everyone, no matter what their job is. These photos are great advertisements for years to come.

For more information or to reserve a photo booth for your next event, fill out our online form or call us at (956) 459-8611.